Herbal Mud Mask

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Our Herbal Mud Mask is a lovely combination of organic flower powders, red clay and essential oils. Mix 1/4 teaspoon with the liquid of your choice. We like to use raw local honey, plain yogurt or our botanical serum. We think using water is too drying for most skin types. Leave on 10 minutes and rinse with water - we like to add a little water to soften the mask and then gently massage it into our skin for a nice exfoliation before rinsing it all off.

Calendula and Hibiscus nourish skin while the red clay purifies it. It is a gentle yet effective treatment to add to your regimen one to two times a week.

This product contains no preservatives and is best used within 12 months.

INGREDIENTS: *calendula, red clay, *rose, *hibiscus, *jojoba, essential oil blend of helichrysum, carrot, lavender & rose geranium (*organic ingredient - for external use only)

Treat your skin well * Nothing Artificial. Ever.


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How to use this serum::

After a lot of testing from friends and family - we found this blend to work well for all skin types. Younger or oily skin types tend to use it once a day - while more mature or dry skin types use it morning & evening. Oils are absorbed into the skin best when the skin is warm and damp.  Mist with our Floral Water or use a warm wash cloth for best results. (see beauty routine below) A little goes a long way! Most of us add a drop at a time to our face & neck (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck & chest) and use only 10-12 drops per application.

My Facial Routine:

1. Lay warm wash cloth over my face (skip if fresh from the shower) to soften skin and open up pores.

2. Mist with Floral Water.

3. Apply botanical serum - a little goes a long way!

5. Once or twice a week apply our Herbal Mud Mask.