Floral Water - Facial Toner

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Our Floral Water is a blend of organic floral hydrosols and witch hazel. This blend tones, calms and moisturizes all skin types - and is a perfect precursor to our botanical serum.

We hate to pick favorites, but Helichrysum wins us every time. It is likely the most loved botanical for it's ability to noticeably heal, restore and improve the complexion of all skin types.

INGREDIENTS: hydrosol blend of *helichrysum, *white rose, *lavandin & *rose geranium, *witch hazel  *organic ingredient

This product contains no preservatives and is best used within 1 year.


Treat your skin well * Nothing Artificial. Ever.


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My Facial Routine:

1. Lay warm wash cloth over my face (skip if fresh from the shower) to soften skin and open up pores.

2. Mist with Floral Water.

3. Apply botanical serum - a little goes a long way!

5. Once or twice a week apply our Herbal Mud Mask.