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Basic Skin Care Gift Set

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Treat your skin well this wintery season with our floral toner, nourishing facial serum and sangria lip balm!

Tucked into a small hand-dyed muslin bag or beautifully wrapped in a small paper box suitable for gifting (at no extra charge).

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Our Floral Toner starts with organic witch hazel and apple cider vinegar infused with a TON of skin calming & nourishing flowers. We then blend this extract with pure organic floral hydrosols & essential oils. This blend tones, calms and moisturizes all skin types - and is a perfect precursor to our botanical serum or hydration cream.


Our botanical plant serum is a nourishing blend of seed & essential oils formulated to reduce fine lines, deeply hydrate & calm all skin types. This blend is absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving behind glowing non-greasy skin. This is a very lightweight moisturizer for all skin types.


Our lip balm is made from organic oils and butters and our very own beeswax. It's unsweetened and lightly scented/flavored with pure essential oils.


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