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herbal deodorant

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Image of herbal deodorant
  • Image of herbal deodorant

Your deodorant will arrive in a stamped cotton bag, suitable for gifting.

We worked long and hard to create an herbal deodorant that worked well and didn't irritate sensitive underarm skin. So many natural brands out there were too harsh on freshly shaven skin or too clumpy/sticky for those of us who don't shave.

(And while we're on the subject of other brands - we think occasionally being stinky is so much better than lathering chemical laden junk onto our skin that gets absorbed right into our lymph system. Yuck!)

The solution? Deodorant Balm. This stuff really works!

This balm is not too sticky - in fact it's more like a heavy cream consistency that melts on contact with your warm skin and is easily rubbed in. We added a tiny bit of baking soda, but it's been super gentle on all our testers so far. We also added a bit of magnesium oil as it seems to help fight funk and is a vital mineral often lacking in our diets (and easily absorbed by our skin).

To use, massage a pea sized or smaller amount into each armpit.

Ingredients : *coconut oil, *sunflower oil, *shea butter, magnesium oil, arrowroot powder, white clay, baking soda, beeswax, essential oil blend.

*organic ingredient

Available in Three scents and two sizes!

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