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floral toner


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Our Floral Toner starts with organic witch hazel and apple cider vinegar infused with a TON of skin calming & nourishing flowers. We then blend this extract with pure organic floral hydrosols. This blend tones, calms and moisturizes all skin types - and is a perfect precursor to our botanical serum or hydration cream.

It does have a mild vinegar smell! However we think the benefits of apple cider vinegar FAR outweigh the not-so-pretty scent. Raw apple cider vinegar helps fight acne, reduces age spots & scars and softens the skin! Add to that the healing and regenerating properties of the herbs infused in this blend and you are putting superfood on your face :) The vinegar scent dissipates quickly and your skin will thank you!

2 oz glass spritzer

INGREDIENTS: organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic witch hazel (infused with all organic herbs : lavender, red clover, nettle, rose, marshmallow leaf, calendula, hibiscus), rose hydrosol, helichrysum hydrosol, rose geranium hydrosol, geranium & lavender essential oil, organic vegetable glycerine.

This product contains no preservatives and is best used within 1 year.

Treat your skin well * Nothing Artificial. Ever.

Made in small batches. Non GMO. Preservative Free. Vegan. Cruelty Free. Pure Magic.

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