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herbal tea blend


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Drinking herbal tea regularly is a wonderful way to boost your overall wellbeing.

After purchasing this listing, Stephinie will send you a brief questionnaire so the two of you can figure out what sort of balance your body needs & what flavors you enjoy. She will blend up a custom bag of tea for you - recipe included - and send it your way. Weight varies among herbs, but the bag will have about 2 cups of tea which makes 20+cups. You can purchase further tea from Stephinie or make your own & support your local herb shop to buy bulk ingredients!

This price INCLUDES a bag of custom blended herbal tea, a recipe card, instructions on brewing + shipping in the United States. *We use all organic herbs in our tea blends.*


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Stephinie is a certified Community Herbalist and Aromatherapist.
She has completed intensive programs in both Western Herbalism & European Aromatherapy under Master Teachers. She's completed clinical studies for both of these modalities and believes weaving together both essential oils and herbs is a wonderful way to balance our bodies with the gentle healing power of plants.

She also keeps a large herb garden where she grows herbs & curates a seasonal wellness-themed apothecary share made with fresh health-supporting herbs and sustainably wildcrafted plants. Membership is available annually and seasonally.

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